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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial of Making Things?

We are a community first company, committed to supporting our designers. We will not be offering a free trial of the app, as it would mean free access to the professional patterns hosted on Making Things, which would also mean our designers wouldn’t be properly reimbursed for their hard work. It’s free to browse our pattern library & tutorials, but to access the patterns themselves (and all the snazzy pattern tools!), you’ll need to join :)

How do I cancel my membership?

You can join Making Things on a month-to-month basis, and if you decide Making Things isn't for you - no problem! You can cancel at any time through your profile page. And if you absolutely LOVE it, you can also sign up for a yearly membership at a discounted rate ;)

How does Making Things support designers?

Making Things is a different way of thinking about how we enjoy knitting & crochet patterns - one that is safer, more streamlined and fun! We are here to help our community find value in everything designers work hard to create - their brand, community & patterns. Marie Greene of Olive Knits wrote a fantastic piece on how Making Things supports her as an independent designer.

Can I use Making Things without internet?

Making Things is currently a web app, which means it needs the internet to sync your pattern library and pattern tools. We’re building our native app at the moment, which means patterns will be available offline, and your pattern library & progress will be synced when you’re back online!

What is subscriber share?

With Making Things subscriber share a maker’s money goes directly to the patterns they use. A portion of your membership fee goes to the designers whose patterns you used that month. The remainder of a maker's membership goes towards platform costs and services like pattern support & tech editing. This is very different from traditional subscriptions where the main issue is that a subscriber’s money does not go to the creators of the content they use.  

Can I download or print patterns from MT?

Patterns on Making Things have been optimized to work seamlessly with our digital pattern tools, and are no longer files that can be downloaded. Think of the way you used to buy a DVD (like a PDF pattern), but now you stream your favorite shows! As a maker, you have unlimited access to our entire library of patterns when you join, so making the patterns exclusively available within the app protects our designers’ hard work :)

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