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We make things in ways that fit our modern lives (on the go, with friends over the other side of the world, with adjustments on the fly), yet the way we interact with our patterns doesn’t align. We’ve created the ultimate tool for modern knitters & crocheters, so we can make things our way. Read more about us here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my membership include?

Everything :) Unlimited access to all the patterns, tools and tutorials! Making Things is like Netflix for knitting & crochet - monthly membership for unlimited access.

Who do I contact if I need help with a pattern?

We have live support in the app, and can help with app things AND pattern things! Our team (wo)manning the chat are all lovely knitters & crocheters, so can help you recover your password or with your cast on. 

Does Making Things work on my [insert your device here]?

Yep! Making Things is a web app, which means it works on all devices of all screen sizes - even your [insert your device here] ;)

What patterns are available on Making Things?

We have 1000+ patterns from some of the best designers in the world, with more being added each week. Patterns on Making Things are tech edited, tested and have beautiful photography, so you can pick your next project with confidence!

So I can access all the patterns from my phone or computer, but what about all the notes I love to write?

We’ve created a digital tool box for making to compliment our interactive patterns - counters, row highlighters, chart grids, editable notes & live pattern support - so you can make things your way!

When will Making Things be available?

Soon! Those on our email list will be the first to know when we're launching and get exclusive first access. Sign up if you want to be one of those makers ;)

Unlimited access to 1000+ patterns

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