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Convert your knitting & crochet pattern PDFs to beautiful interactive patterns.

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Making Things is a community first company, and we’re proud to be providing a way for independent designers to earn a living doing what they love. We do this by sharing our revenue as fairly as possible, using subscriber share.
From a makers point of view, Making Things is like Netflix for knitting & crochet - unlimited access to all your favourite patterns in one place. For designers, it’s called subscriber share. It’s a different way of thinking about how people are enjoying your patterns - one that is safer, more streamlined, engaging and has the potential to earn more money from your current & new patterns! It’s about creating value from everything you have worked hard to create as a designer - brand, community & patterns.

Only the best

Every pattern on Making Things has been tech edited, tested and has clean, bright photography. We do this so makers have confidence in our patterns, and designers have a way for their professional patterns to stand out.


We’re here to support the community, and a huge part of that is supporting you, the designers! We have in-house pattern support, tech-editing & a library of stitch videos to help free up some of your time 😀

As You Are

You’ve already done the work creating your patterns, so we don’t expect you to do any more. You upload your patterns as they are, and we reformat them so they work with all our cool tools!

Community First

Making Things has been developed alongside 500 knitters, crocheters & designers as a community first company. Our team are all members of our community - we’re makers, and our community is an extension of our team 🤗


Your patterns will ALWAYS remain 100% your own, we’re just a platform where you can host them! And your patterns are safe on Making Things - they cannot be downloaded or shared.


You get full visibility on how people are using your patterns, and you can use these insights to make more of what your community loves. Does it take them 2 weeks or 2 months to make that sweater, do they make it once, or again and again and again?

Marie Greene

Making Things Designer Spotlight

"Making Things makes my life easier by taking good care of my knitters, which makes me feel good about making them an integral part of my business."
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Keen to learn more about hosting your patterns on Making Things?

We'd love to hear from you