Digital knitting & crochet patterns

With digital patterns you have all the tools you need to start - and keep - making from your favorite device!

Editable notes

Adjustments, additions, things to remember - notes are marked with a little icon in the pattern, so they’re always on hand, exactly where you need them!


Never lose your place with our sticky highlighters. You can even have two highlighters active at once, so you can jump between 2 section of the pattern!


With this feature you can have up to five counters keeping track of rows, increases, decreases, repeats- and anything else you can think of- without ever leaving your pattern!

Pattern drawer

Neat and tidy for the win! The pattern drawer is where all your pattern’s extra information is kept - quick access notes, bookmarks and scrapbook, as well as your pattern specs, abbreviations, techniques, and any diagrams or schematics.


Our split screen allows you to view your pattern instructions alongside the chart, or use the zoom and full screen functions for a closer look! Click the ruler icon to activate the two way- horizontal AND vertical- highlighter that can be dragged across to mark your place. Handy.


Ideal for keeping detailed notes on your projects. Simply open the scrapbook in the pattern drawer and start typing, or get creative by including different fonts, images and even videos!

Pattern Support

We’re always learning new things when making, and having a simple how-to-do-that for everything at your fingertips makes for less frustrating making! We have pattern support in-app, alongside our beautiful stitch videos & abbreviations library.