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We believe predictable income is a powerful driver for creative freedom, so we’re rethinking how designers are compensated for their work.

Each month, 50% of your membership fee goes directly to the designers of the patterns you use, and the other half goes to things that support all designers & the platform (eg pattern support & developing tools for making!). You can also choose to directly support your favorite designer by subscribing through their profile page - your first 2 months subscription goes directly to them!


Frequently asked questions

‍What happens if I cancel my MT membership?

You can cancel anytime - or pause your membership if you’re having a break from making :) For monthly memberships - you will still have access for the remainder of the month. For yearly memberships - you will keep access to the platform for the rest of the month, and we will refund the portion of the year you did not use (the free month for yearly membership is added as the last month of the year).

Do you have a free trial?

We are a community first company, committed to supporting our designers. We do not currently offer a free trial of the app, as it would mean free access to the professional patterns hosted on Making Things, which would also mean our designers wouldn’t be compensated for their hard work. It’s free to browse our pattern library & tutorials, but to access the patterns themselves (and all the snazzy pattern tools!), you’ll need to become a member :)

Why am I being charged in USD? Can I pay in another currency?

We currently have 1 billing system for all makers & designers which charges in USD. We’ll be adding new currencies as we grow!

How do you protect my payment information?

Your security is our number one priority so we securely process all payment through Stripe, ensuring your payment details are safe!

Can I gift an MT membership?

You certainly can. We think the luckily recipient love it! We currently offer monthly & yearly memberships as gifts. Please email us at help@makingthingsapp.com if you would like to discuss purchasing a membership as a gift.