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Holiday Edition

MT Team
Dec 20, 2018

Here we are, in the 3rd week of December, and like always, I’ve put off any holiday planning (because I dislike traditional shopping? Because I’m grumpy about consumer culture? Because I’m just a procrastinator? Probably some combination of all of the above). Regardless, here I am - a knitter, who likes to make things for other people, in the middle of the holiday season, with no gifts on-the-go for *cough* anyone.

Lucky for me (and you, fellow procrastinator?), there are tiny projects that can be done in a matter of minutes, and while I wish I were one of those people who planned out their holiday projects, I am just not - at least, not this year.

So, I whipped up some lavender pouches for my family and partner’s family - and I’d argue that they’re one of the best, easiest little projects you could give to a knitter OR a non-knitter. It’s a win all around. Lavender pouches are:

  1. A good use of tiny pieces of fabric & a good chance to play around with patchwork, hand stitching or machine stitching
  2. Great for keeping moths away from your precious handmade objects, especially the wooly ones
  3. Good for keeping your clothes smelling fresh
  4. Nice to keep under your pillow to help you relax when you lay down for bed (can confirm - have tried)

Here’s a (very simple) guide to make them yourself

  1. Find fabric - scraps will do!
  2. Cut it into the size pouch you want (two pieces)
  3. Sew the two pieces together, right sides facing (by hand or machine!)
  4. Trim any excess fabric in the seam allowance (if, like me, you cut the pieces really wonky)
  5. Flip your pouch inside out
  6. Fill it with lavender! And if you don’t have enough lavender to fill the pouch, use little bits of scrap wool to fill it out
  7. Hand stitch closed
  8. Admire your (possibly very wonky, like mine) little pouch!
  9. Give them to all of your pals - makers and non-makers alike 😃

Now, as I kick myself a little bit for not being more organized, I can’t help but browse the Making Things library for patterns I *would* have made if I had the time.

Here are a few personal favorites & who I would have made them for:

1.For my partner - timeless style, a lover of classic shapes with unexpected details:

The Stuyvesant Beanie by Attic 166

This beanie is a perfectly simple ribbed beanie, and I love the double brim detail. Perfect to keep my love’s ears warm, and understated enough that he’ll wear it all the time. (Maybe I’ll even make a detachable pompom so that I can “borrow” it sometimes haha)

2. For my mother - who shrunk the last pair of socks I made her (no, I’m not still mad about it, why do you ask? 😅)

Homesteading Socks by Little Home Designs

I can’t get enough of these sweet socks - a little house knit into them?! Home is wherever my sweet, handknit socks are! Also, I’m a giant cornball, so I’d like to give my mother a reminder that she was and always will be my first home

3. For my sister - vibrant and lovely goofball - wearer of much more color than me:

Colour is Key by Abbyeknits

This colorful shawl would be the perfect winter accessory for my sister- who loves fun and vibrant colors. It’d be a perfect way for me to try out a bunch of fun colors (hi, hello - I’m kind of afraid of color) and maybe even experiment with a “fade” effect.

4. For my partner’s mother - loves to cook  (also a newer relationship for me, so I’d be keen to make it something widely useable/not too niche!)

Market Bag by Knit Collage

I’d make this market bag for her, as a nod to her love of cooking and finding beautiful ingredients for her meal. It’s also on the quicker side, as far as projects go, and doesn’t require too much yarn! Win!

There are so many more I want to knit - but for now - those are the knits I *would* be making  - if I weren’t such a procrasti-knitter! 😂

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