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Hannah Fettig

MT Team
Feb 14, 2019

Last November, we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Maine, USA with Hannah Fettig - a knitter and knitwear designer whose career, I think it’s safe to say, has not only been shaped by the ever growing fiber craft industry but also played a role in shaping the fiber craft industry itself.

Hannah, or as you may know her, Knitbot, is the visionary behind Stashbot, an app that helps you buy the right amount of yarn for your intended project. She’s also an author, with six books to her name exploring stitch patterns in knitwear, and she’s worked in close quarters with Quince and Co., a benchmark yarn manufacturer for modern knitters. Most importantly, Hannah has managed to have best selling patterns online the entire stretch of her career. Her patterns are simple, stylish and fun to knit - a timeless choice for new and experienced knitters alike.

In person, Hannah is humble, natural and infectiously optimistic. A champion of simple living, Hannah and her husband Abe, app developer and creative himself, have raised their two gorgeous children in a household that encourages creative thought and time spent together - talking, imagining, seeing and exploring.

The days we spent filming with the Fettigs in Maine were without a doubt some of the most cinematic days I’ve had the joy of capturing on camera. Together we visited Acadia National Park, which looked like it was out of a storybook; crystal blue sky and water speckled with little islands, rocky coast, and tall, deep green pine trees. We climbed to the top of Cadillac Mountain, and despite the steep incline, Hannah’s children skipped and smiled the entire way up, stopping only to inspect a bird call and help their puppy, Jango, jump rocks. Back home in Kennebunk Maine, the Fettigs took us bowling. Here we learned Hannah’s skills absolutely do not stop at knitting, when she beat all of us convincingly, twice, and managed to get in a few rows of her WIP between every turn.

However exciting bowling and hiking were (and both were very exciting!), my most special memory came from a moment of downtime, when Hannah and Claire decided to teach Abe, my camera crew, and me to cast on. We sat around the coffee table with cups of tea and biscuits and were patiently and hilariously shown the basics from a master of the craft. While it took us a very long time to get the hang of it, Hannah somehow managed to pass on the magic, and for the rest of the tour my little team and I were stealing rows wherever we could - getting a few stitches in on car trips, pulling out our projects at cafes, and passing our knitting back and forth down the aisle on planes so that Claire could pick up our dropped stitches (much to the humor of our neighboring passengers).

I learned a lot from Hannah, who generously opened up about her making processes and how inherently linked her creativity is to her life. For Hannah, exploring in any and every form never ends. There’s so much to see, and so much to learn, and so much to make.

You can check out Hannah's latest pattern here

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