Designer Spotlight: Nathan Bryant of LoopnThreads

Nathan Bryant, the knitter and designer behind LoopnThreads, creates minimal, modern designs with an emphasis on quality.

MT Team
Mar 7, 2019

Nathan Bryant, the knitter and designer behind LoopnThreads, creates minimal, modern designs with an emphasis on quality. A stunning photographer, Nathan employs his skills both behind and in front of the camera to create beautiful imagery that captures the essence of his design aesthetic. A member of the Our Maker Life crew, Nathan keeps busy with a full time day job, photography, OML planning, and designing.

Nathan Bryant, known online as LoopnThreads (and widely suspected to be a member of the CIA*) is a knitter, photographer and pattern designer. Though he’s often his own photo subject, Nathan is most comfortable behind the lens and enjoys shooting his knitwear on friends in beautiful locations. The sole knitter behind his Etsy store, Nathan focuses on quality from yarn choice to design aesthetics, and his minimal, modern garments reflect this.

Nathan’s been selling his hand-knitted garments through Etsy for the last few years, where he also sells his stunning pressed flower monograms, and has more recently started selling his knitting patterns for these garments so that keen makers can make their own!

Nathan’s introduction to knitting came at an unexpected time - through a “Youtube Hole” during a period of unemployment. Struggling to find work, he started thinking about his creativity as something he might be able to use to support himself. He found himself randomly down a hole of youtube videos - specifically knitting and crochet videos. Watching them, he found the sound of the needles therapeutic - so he prioritized that feeling and bought as much yarn as he could afford at a local craft store. Initially, he tried to teach himself to knit but found it really difficult, so he picked up crochet and started making hats for his friends and family. With a lot of support and encouragement from them, Nathan took the leap to start selling his handmade creations on Etsy.

Over the last few years, Nathan has centered quality in his designs. He loves working with merino and Peruvian wool - describing the feel and drape as “premium”. He has built a freestyle approach to designing - working with what he has and changing different variables (yarn size, needles, fiber types) to achieve the overall look he’s going for. In the early stages,  he wrote down his patterns so that he could refer back to them as he was knitting for his Etsy store. But over the course of the past year or so, he’s made them available online, and knitters from around the world are working with his patterns.

Like many of us, Nathan finds himself splitting time between a multitude of projects and priorities - from having a full time day job, to knitting and designing, to planning and helping host Our Maker Life events, annual maker meetups hosted by makers for makers. He’s devoted to his craft and practices incredible time management to get it all done. Nathan finds himself taking notes on his phone for new design ideas or pattern inspiration while he’s out and about, and once he’s home from work, he switches into what he calls his “maker mindset” to work on knitting orders from his Etsy store and writing up his patterns. He stays inspired by all the amazing makers and designers around him, especially his peers at Our Maker Life. And it probably goes without saying that we stay inspired by Nathan and his consistent, strong aesthetic and dedication to his craft!

*he actually works for the government (or so he says)

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