About us

We make things in ways that fit our modern lives (on the go, with friends over the other side of the world, with adjustments on the fly), yet the way we interact with our patterns doesn’t align. We’ve created the ultimate tool for modern knitters & crocheters, so we can make things our way.

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What we’ve done

Quick navigation
Follow designers
Pattern drafts
Stitch & row counters

What we're working on

Fully responsive on all devices
Group chat for KAL/CALs
Direct message with designers
Highlights on pattern updates
Gauge conversions
Ravelry sync

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Making Things a free app?

Yep! Making Things is a free app for makers & designers. You can buy patterns in the app, and we charge a small commission on all pattern sales.

Does it sync with my Ravelry account?

We’re working on it as one of our top priorities!

Does it work on my [insert your device here]?

Yep! Making Things is currently a web app, which means it works on all devices of all screen sizes (even your [insert your device here]).

What patterns are available on Making Things?

We’re adding incredible new designers & patterns every day - the list is growing very quickly. If there’s a designer or pattern you’d love to see in Making Things, let us know and we’ll move mountains to make it happen for you!

Can I upload my patterns to Making Things?

Of course, welcome aboard you savvy designer! Email us at hello@makingthingsapp.com and we’ll get you a sneaky pass to upload your patterns ready for launch!

When will Making Things be available?

When will Making Things be available? Sign up for early access and you’ll be the first to know 😁

We’re creating a home for interactive knitting & crochet patterns.